What is City Life?  

The YFC City Life ministry brings together a variety of effective strategies and relationships so that young people who are oriented more to their communities and neighborhoods than schools – especially those in urban settings – make good choices and establish a solid foundation for life.  Like every ministry in YFC, City Life seeks to engage these young people wherever they are found as life-long followers of Jesus Christ.  The City Life program emphasizes the following:

  • Teaching basic life skills.
  • Providing an opportunity for a relationship with a caring adult role model.
  • Promoting and developing a positive self-image through Jesus Christ.
  • Creating opportunities for positive peer group experience.
  • Sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

City Life ministry takes place in densely populated and complex and diverse urban settings where there is a convergence of social, economic, and spiritual dysfunction that has led to the marginalization and alienation of people and communities.  An effective City Life ministry addresses this dysfunction through the presentation of a holistic gospel which seeks to meet the needs of the person (body, mind, and spirit); empowers people; promotes justice; cultivates lifelong discipleship; and assists them in becoming agents of change for Christ in their communities. 

For more information on our City Life clubs please call the YFC office (336-274-9641) and ask to speak to Traveon McNeil or email him at tmcneil@ggyfc.net.

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