YFC Volunteer Opportunities

Greater Greensboro Youth for Christ provides a wide array of volunteer opportunities for mature adults of all ages.  Volunteers play a foundational role in YFC’s vision to see ministry at every high school and middle school in Guilford County.  If you are interested in volunteering, please call our office at:  274-9641 and our staff will channel your unique gift to a specific ministry niche.   There will be a Volunteer Information Meeting at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, August 23rd at First Baptist Church in Greensboro.   Please join us if you are interesting in volunteering with Youth For Christ this year.

Below is a list of general volunteer categories:

Direct Ministry:  Many volunteers prefer a more hands-on approach and enjoy engaging directly with students.  Mentoring, small groups, bible studies, chaperoning trips, and running club meetings are just a few of the ways direct ministry volunteers serve.  High-quality training events are offered.

Note:  All direct ministry volunteers are required to fill out an application, provide character references, consent to a criminal background check, and participate in a screening interview.     To download an application and background consent, use the links below.  Both forms must be completed and approved prior to any student interaction.

Ministry Support:  Front line support of our direct ministries like; drivers, equipment set up, meals or snack preparation.  Also, behind the scenes administrative needs like answering the phones, assisting with special mailings, technical support, marketing & PR, and maintaining equipment are a few ways to help.

Community Liaison:  Connect YFC to your church or community group or employer.  Perhaps hosting a table of friends at our Annual Sharing Banquet or helping with our Annual Brunswick Stew is right for you.   

Ready to volunteer? Give us your info and we’ll be in touch.